Prime Minister Caves to Pressure

( – Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry said on March 12 that he would officially resign as soon as a presidential transitional council is created in the Caribbean nation. With his decision, the Haitian leader capitulates after months of pressure from the international community, which seeks to find a solution for a country that has been overwhelmed by gangs and is currently threatened by kingpin Jimmy Cherizier.

Political analysts have even said that Haiti is currently facing one of the most delicate moments in its recent history, as the widespread crisis that it is facing has led the country to a “low-scale civil war.”

Henry made his announcement a couple of hours after some state officials, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and some Caribbean leaders, met in Jamaica to discuss the current crisis in Haiti. In a video address, Henry said that he and his government would immediately resign after the proper installation of the transition council. He also he wanted to thank his voters for the opportunity they gave him to lead the country and asked all Haitians to “remain calm” and make their biggest effort to restore “peace and stability” as soon as possible.

According to some reports, the Haitian leader has been unable to enter his country as the government closed each of its airports after a massive escalation of violence led by Cherizier, who is a ruthless gang leader and a former police officer. Local media said he’s known on the streets as “Barbecue,” as he usually burns his victims to death.

Henry is currently in Puerto Rico after being unable to land in the Dominican Republic, where authorities said that the Haitian leader didn’t have a required flight plan. The Dominican government also said in a statement that it would close the country’s airspace to flights from and to Haiti.

Henry served the longest single term in comparison with any other Haitian prime minister since the Haitian Constitution was approved in 1987.

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