Presidential Candidate Arrested at College Protest

( – Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein announced on April 27 that police officers arrested her while she was protesting Israel’s war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas at Washington University in St. Louis. On its Twitter account, her presidential campaign published a video where two police officers escorted her off campus with her hands tied behind her back.

In a statement, the campaign detailed that Stein was arrested along with her deputy campaign manager, Kelly Merrill Cayer, and her campaign manager, Jason Call. The campaign also said that Stein and her staffers were detained at the St. Louis County Jail, but were eventually released at 2 a.m.

In a separate statement, the academic institution explained that the presidential nominee and 80 other people were arrested on the campus and will face charges of trespassing. The university also explained that many of those who were arrested will face charges of assault, resisting arrest, and even injuring police officers. The academic institution didn’t specify which of these charges the political leader will face.

The demonstration came in the wake of numerous anti-Israel and pro-Palestine protests that have been taking place in some of the biggest cities in the United States and many of its most prestigious universities. The protests erupted after the October 7 attacks perpetrated by Hamas on Israeli soil, where its terrorists killed over 1,116 people and kidnapped nearly 300. After the attacks, which were considered the worst massacre ever faced by the Jewish people after the Holocaust, the Israeli government announced a military incursion into Gaza to destroy Hamas.

The demonstrations on college campuses have sparked concern among many US political leaders on both sides of the aisle, as many of these have shown antisemitic slogans and chants. While most college administrators supported the demonstrations during the first months, the level of chaos and violence has been so overwhelming that many of these have been forced to instruct police officers to make arrests.

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