Politician Violently Assaulted in Library

(WatchdogReport.com) – One of the main Berlin politicians was brutally assaulted on May 8 in a library in the German capital city, representing the latest attack against elected officials in Germany. Political analyst Fernando Villanueva explained that the European country is currently experiencing a crisis that could end in political violence that would bring unprecedented consequences.

Berlin’s main economic official Franziska Giffey, who was a minister of former Chancellor Angela Markel and was also a mayor, was attacked by an unidentified man with a bag that contained a “hard” device. Berlin police said in a statement that the video footage of the moment showed the suspect approaching Giffey from behind and hitting her. The police added that the economic official was rushed to a hospital nearby where she was treated for injuries in her head and her neck.

The police also revealed that officers who were investigating the case detained a 74-year-old man whom they believed was the perpetrator of the attack. While the officers searched the man’s house for hours and interrogated him while in detention, the police said in their statement that they didn’t find any motive behind the attack. The police also revealed that they knew the suspect but provided no details about his identity or why he was known.

In a press conference, Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner condemned the attack against Giffey and said that a change needed to happen as the political violence that is taking place in Germany could bring “chaos” to the country. He also told reporters that people in the country need to understand that attacking any politician is a way of attacking German democracy. Wegner also claimed that his administration wouldn’t tolerate such “barbaric” acts and would strongly fight against any type of hatred or violence to protect democracy.

On her Instagram account, Giffey said that while Germany is a democratic and free nation where everyone can express their points of view, there are still people who are willing to execute violence against those with a different opinion.

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