Planned Parenthood Announces Multi-Million Dollar Endorsement

( – The pro-abortion nonprofit organization Planned Parenthood recently announced that it will deliver $40 million to the campaign of US President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. The organization also announced it will endorse every Democratic leader in some of the most important congressional races.

Planned Parenthood made the announcement on June 24 so the date would coincide with the anniversary of the United States Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. While many left-wing activists have claimed that the 2022 decision was essentially making abortion illegal in the country, legal experts explained that the decision only returned the abortion issue to each state.

Planned Parenthood will initially invest in battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. The organization said it would also invest money in some congressional races in New York, New Hampshire, and Montana in an effort to help Democrats recover the House of Representatives.

The announcement came at a moment when President Biden and many Democratic leaders all across the country have been making efforts to make abortion the cornerstone of their political campaigns. Political analysts have said that the Democratic Party is focusing on abortion rather than addressing other issues, such as the border crisis, to avoid declines in popularity amongst voters.

They have also explained that many Democratic leaders will try to use the abortion talking point as a way to boost voter turnout by stirring outrage in several states across the county. Political reporters claim that some politicians are even planning to use abortion ballot measures.

Over the last few months, President Biden has been promising to restore Roe v. Wade in the event he’s reelected, even though the Supreme Court already overturned it. The commander-in-chief had also framed Republican nominee and former President Donald Trump as an anti-women candidate who is willing to persecute those who have an abortion, which is a stark contrast to Trump’s stance on the subject.

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