Pentagon’s UFO Chief Resigns After Only 18 Months

Pentagon's UFO Chief Resigns After Only 18 Months

( – According to a New York Post report, the Pentagon’s UFO chief will resign in December after saying that numerous sightings of flying objects in the United States are either the work of aliens or foreign nations. The chief of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), Sean Kirkpatrick, added that the latter would be the worst scenario.

As reported by the media outlet, Kirkpatrick announced his plans to leave his post on November 7, after heading the agency for just 18 months. He always described his role as a job where the main goal was to find substantial evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The AARO chief warned about the presence of UFOs in the country, and while he failed to find evidence of aliens after investigating over 800 cases during his time as the agency chief, he said that the alternative was “more terrifying.” During an interview with Politico, Kirkpatrick told the media outlet that if the agency fails to prove these UFOs are aliens, “what we’re finding” is solid proof of “other people doing stuff” in the country. He explained it isn’t “good” as it would mean there are foreign powers using technology that the United States still doesn’t have.

Kirkpatrick also told Politico he’s quitting because he already accomplished what he said he was “going to do.” He added he feels satisfied with everything he did as the agency’s chief, including his efforts to make the Pentagon’s UFO documents more accessible to Americans.

The AARO, which was established in 2022, has made headlines because of its numerous probes into UFO sightings reported by US pilots, and for detecting the Chinese regime’s surveillance balloons flying over the country.

He also made headlines in June after blasting whistleblower and former intelligence officer David Grusch, who claimed that the US government had been secretly retrieving extraterrestrial spacecraft for decades. The AARO chief said his claims were “immoral” and “unethical.”

While Kirkpatrick said there was a chance that aliens live among us, he testified before the House of Representatives that there wasn’t any “credible evidence” of “off-world technology” or “extraterrestrial activity.”

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