Pentagon’s DEI Witch Hunt Ends Up a Being a Bust

( – A June 26 study of the Arizona State University’s Center for American Institutions revealed that the Pentagon programs to eradicate “white supremacists” in the American military ended up being a waste of time. The study added that the move was ultimately “counterproductive” to military morale and readiness.

The study said that one of the reasons behind such a failure was that a zealous diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) bureaucracy was established through a couple of “mandated” executive orders during the 2020s and 2010s. It added that such a bureaucracy was established not only in the US military but also in many other service academies across the United States. The study also revealed that all the efforts made by the programs to look for “violent extremists” in the US military came up with “infrequent results.”

The study said that the search for white supremacists in the military came up short as authorities only managed to discover and expel only 100 members out of 2.1 million that are part of the institution. It added that the programs considered white supremacists the only extremist group to be aware of in the US military, which has gained criticism from many political commentators, who claimed that the DEI bureaucracy seems to be biased.

In a statement, the Center for American Institutions’ Director Donald Critchlow said that the US military has been pushing re-education classes and DEI policies over the last few years to “eradicate” sexism, racism, and every negative bias. He added that while the Marine Corps DEI Plan of 2021 claimed these biases can “diminish” the effectiveness of the military “warfighting,” the policies have been a failure.

Critchlow also said that “military leaders” should immediately restore every type of approach that promotes merit and character and get rid of the “social engineering” that is taking place in the US military, based on the “critical race theory.” He added that just like many companies have been doing over the last few years, the US military should abandon the “toxic advice” of these programs.

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