Pentagon Denies War With Houthis Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Pentagon Denies War With Houthis Despite Evidence to the Contrary

( – According to a Breitbart report, the US Pentagon is denying the United States is at war with Yemen’s Houthi force — even though President Joe Biden has formally submitted notifications of military action to the House of Representatives.

During a press conference, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh was asked by a reporter if a new round of US military strikes against the Iran-backed terrorist group in Yemen meant that the country was now at war with them. Singh responded not only that the United States wasn’t at war but also that the government would have to make a “clear declaration” to make it happen.

As reported by the media outlet, despite these words, President Biden has formally submitted two notifications to Congress under the War Powers Resolution. This federal law establishes the commander-in-chief’s reporting duties on committing US armed forces into hostilities in case there’s no formal declaration of war.

The resolution requires the commander-in-chief to formally submit a report where they notify the House of Representatives within two days of introducing the US military into armed conflicts, explaining why it was necessary. The resolution also requires the president to provide an estimated scope and duration of the military involvement in the conflict and even explain the legislative and constitutional authorities to make such a decision.

On January 22, President Biden notified Congress after the UK and the US conducted a round of military strikes against the terrorists in Yemen, in response to the Houthis’ attacks against commercial and US vessels in the Red Sea. The Biden administration has taken the airstrikes against them, despite the president’s belief that firing missiles against the Houthis won’t stop them from attacking ships. However, President Biden said in a press conference that the US will “continue” its missile attacks.

According to different reports, the strikes against the terrorist group are part of a sustained operation that the Pentagon has named “Poseidon Archer.” It remains to be seen if the conflict will balloon into full-scale warfare.

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