Pelosi Pulls Out the Russia Card Once Again

Pelosi Pulls Out the Russia Card Once Again

( – California Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi said on January 28 that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should start investigating whether Russia is funding some of the main anti-Israel protests in the United States. During an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union,” the liberal leader said that some of these demonstrations have been violent and antisemitic, suggesting the Kremlin could be behind it as a way to destabilize the country.

At one moment, anchor Dana Bash told Pelosi that one of the main challenges the Democratic Party is facing right now is the division created since Israel declared war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Bash explained that many progressives in the Democratic Party have always shown some anti-Israel stances and now are criticizing President Joe Biden’s support of the Israeli government. She then asked the congresswoman if she felt somehow concerned that the situation could affect President Biden in this year’s presidential election.

Pelosi told Bash she was aware of the progressives’ “exuberance,” pointing out she was the “recipient” of it in Seattle, where they wanted to disrupt an “exciting Democratic meeting.” She even said the group is in front of her house “all the time,” yelling and expressing their discontent with the Biden administration over what’s happening in Gaza.

Pelosi also questioned their pro-Palestine protests, as she said that calling for a cease-fire in the conflict between Hamas and Israel is essentially repeating Russian President Vladimir Putin’s message. She then told Bash that no American should commit the mistake of thinking that these anti-Israel protests aren’t connected to what Putin “would like to see.”

The CNN anchor then asked if she believes that some of these protests are “Russian plants,” to which Pelosi responded that even when some are spontaneous, many others could be receiving money from the Kremlin. She then said the FBI should “investigate that.”

On social media, many criticized Pelosi’s remarks, as they pointed out that many liberals have been blaming everything that affects their agenda on Russia since former President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

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