Pelosi Blows Trump’s Words Out of Proportion

( – Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has suggested that former President Donald Trump will “exact a bloodbath” if he does not win the presidential election after his comments at a rally in Vandalia, Ohio.

The Democratic California Representative asked what the term meant when talking to CNN “State of The Union” host Dana Bash, claiming that Trump cannot win the 2024 election and that his bloodbath comment came across as “threatening” to Americans. In response, the Biden-Harris campaign predicted that Trump will lose in November when Americans reject his “extremism.” The Biden-Harris Twitter page posted a statement calling Trump a “loser” and accusing him of resorting to threats of political violence rather than appealing to a broader mainstream audience.

Though Biden is known for his gaffes, Trump also commented on his own apparent gaffes on the campaign trail when he appeared to refer to Barack Obama as the incumbent president and confused Pelosi with presidential campaign rival Nikki Haley. The former president said the mistakes were intended, claiming that he was being “sarcastic” regarding Obama and deliberately “interposing” the names of Pelosi and Haley.

At the Ohio rally, Trump commented on China’s reliance on Mexican rather than American labor in the auto industry. He threatened to impose a 100% tariff on each car that comes across the border. Trump then said if he did not get elected, the vehicles would not be sold despite the construction of massive factories and that there would be a “bloodbath” for the whole country. When Trump’s team was asked to clarify the comments, campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt stressed that the comments referred specifically to the auto industry, claiming that Biden’s policies would create an economic bloodbath for the industry and its employees.

Pelosi also attacked Trump’s comments that some illegal immigrants are “not people” and claimed that most people would not let him into their homes, let alone the White House. Conservatives accused several media outlets, including CBS and NBC, of promoting a “hoax” and reporting on Trump’s “bloodbath” comments without the full context. Pelosi also neglected to add the auto-industry context during the interview with Bash.

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