Panicking Democrats Warn Joe Manchin Against Running for President

Panicking Democrats Warn Joe Manchin Against Running for President

( – Democratic senators are getting anxious over Senator Joe Manchin’s potential bid for the presidency after his recent announcement about retiring from the Senate. They’re worried it could hurt President Biden’s chances in the next election and possibly give Donald Trump another shot at the White House.

Democratic lawmakers weren’t fretting much about Manchin’s possible presidential run when they believed he might seek another Senate term. But now, with Biden’s polling numbers dropping against Trump and Manchin’s decision to retire, they’re uneasy.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow thinks Manchin running for president would be regrettable. She stressed his support for Biden and his significant role in getting things done in the Senate. Stabenow fears Manchin entering the race could pave the way for Trump’s return, something Manchin wouldn’t want.

Manchin, however, hasn’t ruled out a presidential bid on an independent ticket. He dismissed concerns from fellow Democrats about jeopardizing Biden’s reelection, citing historical instances where similar scenarios didn’t lead to the anticipated outcome.

While Manchin emphasizes mobilizing the moderate voter base, Democratic colleagues are anxious about his potential challenge against Biden, even though many believe he stands little chance of winning the presidency.

Senator Richard Blumenthal expressed deep disappointment over Manchin’s contemplation of a presidential run, emphasizing Manchin’s Democratic beliefs. He highlighted the potential consequences, warning of a catastrophic second Trump term and its impact on American democracy.

Manchin’s frustrations with Biden have been increasingly visible, with Manchin making pointed criticisms and refraining from endorsing him for a second term. His reluctance to commit to supporting Biden highlights the tension between the two.

Some strategists speculate that Manchin could influence the 2024 race in a three-way contest, possibly diverting votes from Trump. However, they acknowledge the unpredictability of the outcome, considering both Biden and Trump’s significant unpopularity among many demographics.

Despite these speculations, experts doubt Manchin’s ability to win a single electoral vote due to his state background and anticipate strong opposition if he gains traction in the race. While Manchin might impact the race dynamics, his chances of securing a victory seem remote.

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