Oversight Committee Unleashes Damning Video Against Biden

(WatchDogReport.org) – On the morning of the first public hearing with impeachment witnesses, the Oversight Committee published a video showing apparent discrepancies between President Joe Biden’s claims regarding his family’s business dealings and those of the witnesses themselves.

At the beginning of the clip, Biden says he never talked about his business or that of his children. The statement was followed by contradictory footage of a closed-door testimony of key impeachment witness Tony Bobulinski, who worked with Hunter Biden and James Biden in discussions with CEFC China Energy. Bobulinski stressed that from his “direct personal experience,” it was clear to him that Joe Biden was the “brand” that the Biden family was selling.

In October 2023, Oversight Chair and Kentucky Representative James Comer revealed that the Biden family and its business associates received over $10 million from foreign companies. The House Oversight Republicans stated that they were proceeding with the impeachment even if there was no direct evidence that the president benefited financially. The committee’s memo released in August 2023, citing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, emphasized the law’s recognition that money given to relatives to “corruptly influence” others can be considered a bribe.

Comer said to CNN’s Jake Tapper that the president had been “compromised.” A “Second Records Memorandum” expanded on the committee’s information on subpoena returns into the Biden family’s bank documents. The memo outlined the ties of the Biden family to “influence peddling” in Romania with a web of 20 LLCs set up by Hunter Biden after his father became vice president. It also highlighted a previously undisclosed $1 million in payments linked to Romania while then Vice President Joe Biden was lecturing the country about corruption. A committee aide also claimed the family attempted to conceal and confuse sources of money that originated in China.

Bobulinski and Jason Galanis testified in the hearing. The White House has told the Republicans to move on and “focus on real issues” as they struggle to provide hard evidence of the direct involvement of the president. Comer invited the president to testify as the hearing lost momentum and is reportedly considering criminal referrals of the Bidens to the Justice Department in a move that would be largely symbolic.

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