Off-Duty Officers Carjacked by South American Migrants

( – Two off-duty New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were carjacked by two immigrants at gunpoint on June 14 in Harlem, at Broadhurst Avenue and West 146 Street. Local authorities believe that the immigrants are from Venezuela and are associated with one of the most dangerous organizations in the South American nation and the region, Tren de Aragua.

One of the off-duty officers explained that one of the criminals was armed with an automatic handgun and pointed at them while the other one took their guns before demanding the car keys. The assailants forced the two officers out of their car and then jumped into it and escaped.

The other off-duty NYPD officer detailed that the pistol the criminal was carrying had a Glock switch, transforming the weapon into a fully automatic firearm. He also said he felt surprised when he saw it, as that type of handgun is not common in New York City. The officer explained that armed criminals in the city usually use other types of pistols.

In a statement, the NYPD said that neither of the officers were injured during the assault. The Department added that it successfully managed to track and recover the vehicle as there was an iPad inside of it, which the two criminals didn’t notice. Officers arrested the immigrants without resistance.

While neither of the suspects had any ID with them, the department said in the statement that they identified themselves as 21-year-old Jomar Crespo and 20-year-old Jose Rivera. The department added that while the two said they lived in an apartment in Waterbury, Connecticut, officers believed they gave fake names.

The NYPD also said that the car was found less than a mile away at Broadway and West 18th Street and that the two immigrants were arrested in an area nearby. Both of them were charged with possession of a gun and a loaded weapon, as well as grand theft auto and robbery.

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