Notorious Trump Hater Selected to Moderate Debate

( – Liberal network CNN announced on May 15 that its anchor Jake Tapper will moderate its Debate between U.S. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 27. The decision has been labeled as controversial, as Tapper is known for being one of the network’s most radical anti-Trumpers.

The liberal network added that his co-moderator will be Dana Bash, who has also expressed radical views and opinions against the Republican leader. Earlier this year, Bash said that Trump was a racist and an “antisemitic” leader after he criticized the Jewish community in the United States for being one of the main political bases of the Democratic Party. Despite their presence, Trump agreed that they would be the moderators and that some other terms and conditions proposed by the liberal network would be part of the debate.

Since Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Tapper has said that the conservative leader would be a negative political figure that would harm American democracy. However, one of his most controversial moments came during the pandemic, when he claimed that Trump was lying to the American people and that many would die because of his dishonesty. The CNN host even retweeted a post from radical anti-Trumper George Conway, who claimed that the commander-in-chief couldn’t be trusted as he was “100% insane.”

Far from showing any sympathy for the US president when he was diagnosed and even hospitalized for the disease in October 2020, Tapper shamed him and said that Trump tested positive because of his “Reckless behavior.” He added that what Trump was going through was the biggest evidence of the way he disregarded human life and how his own failures led him to that situation.

The CNN host has also suggested Trump is a racist and a xenophobe, and was even one of the main propagators of the Russia-gate conspiracy theory.

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