North Korea Releases Details of Deal With Russia

( – North Korean state media revealed on June 19 that the deal between the dictatorships of Russia and North Korea would cover immediate military assistance in times of war. The assistance will consist of mutual protection against both nations’ enemies and military aid, which would take place by delivering weapons and military equipment.

The revelation occurred a couple of days after the Russian President met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. During the meeting, the two leaders made the agreement official, strengthening their political and diplomatic ties. Kim and Putin confirmed a new strategic partnership, with geopolitical experts explaining that such development sends a threatening message to Western governments.

The deal comes as the United States and many other Western nations continue sending economic and military aid to Ukraine, which the Kremlin decided to invade in February 2022. It also happened at a moment when Washington and some European countries have been making efforts to deter Pyongyang from escalating its military threats against South Korea.

Some journalists said that Kim claimed after the meeting that the new partnership with Russia can be considered a historic alliance between two nations that the West wants to “oppress.” However, Russian independent reporters said on their Telegram channels that Putin doesn’t view the partnership as Kim does, and he has even told his inner circle that he refuses to label it as an alliance.

North Korean state media also said that a part of the deal between Pyongyang and Moscow mentions that if one of the two nations gets invaded and is pulled into an armed conflict, the other will immediately provide “all means at its disposal.”

In a statement, the South Korean government condemned the deal between Putin and Kim, as they claimed that it was “absurd” that two nations that are known for invading others strike a deal with the excuse of a preemptive attack. The South Korean government added that the Kremlin’s decision to support Pyongyang is a direct threat to Seoul and every person in the country.

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