Nikki Haley Files Protection Request With Secret Service

( – According to a Wall Street Journal February 5 report, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley officially applied for Secret Service protection, as her campaign team said that threats against her have increased over the last few weeks. During an interview with the newspaper, the former South Carolina Governor confirmed the application for protection and said that despite the “multiple issues” she has gone through lately, she will continue with her presidential race.

The Journal added that a request for Haley’s protection was submitted to federal officials. It also revealed that a part of her presidential campaign has doubts about the move as they believe that more intense security could affect her travels and even her campaign schedule.

The newspaper said that some political analysts believe she applied for Secret Service Protection because of her anti-Iran stances during her role as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. The Iranian regime is known for committing violent and lethal operations against any public figure in the world whom they consider to be a political enemy.

In addition to the Iranian threat, numerous incidents have been taking place at events attended by Haley over the last few days. The latest happened in Columbia, South Carolina when a woman was tackled by Haley’s security personnel as she tried to rush the stage. Also, many groups have organized protests at Haley’s events because of her support to the governments of Ukraine and Israel in their armed conflicts.

According to some reports, the US Secret Service doesn’t choose which person qualifies for protection, and the agency isn’t empowered to independently start candidate protection. The service is authorized by the US Department of Homeland Security secretary after consulting with a House advisory committee, which includes the Senate minority and majority leaders, along with the House speaker and minority leader.

While Haley’s popularity has increased among Republican voters, almost every poll shows that former President Donald Trump remains the favorite to win the GOP nomination.

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