New Poll Spells Doom For Biden Campaign

New Poll Spells Doom For Biden Campaign

( – According to a new poll published on January 15, the three leading Republican presidential candidates will all defeat President Joe Biden in a hypothetical election match-up. Political analysts believe the results could raise pessimism in the Biden campaign, as the president is currently facing a popularity crisis that might be difficult for him to overcome in the short term because of the armed conflicts in the Middle East.

The poll conducted by CBS News/YouGov revealed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former United States Ambassador for the United Nations Nikki Haley, and former President Donald Trump edge out President Biden in their respective match-ups. The poll found that while the former commander-in-chief is the main favorite to win the Republican nomination, Haley is the GOP candidate who fared the best against the Democratic leader.

The survey pointed out that, in a presidential election, the former ambassador would beat President Biden with a final result of 53 percent to 45 percent respectively, representing an 8-point lead. The poll explained that the reason behind such a strong lead is the way she has garnered more support among independents and moderates than DeSantis and Trump. It also detailed that 59 percent of independent voters would vote for Haley in an election against the commander-in-chief, while 54 percent would support Trump and 55 percent would support DeSantis.

The survey noted that the match-up between the former president and the Democratic leader, who are the two front-runners for the 2024 presidential election, was the closest among any other Republican presidential hopeful. The poll said that 50 percent of respondents would support Trump, while 48 percent would vote for President Biden.

In the GOP primary race, the poll showed that Trump still has a massive lead, as 69 percent of GOP voters would support him, while only 12 percent would vote for the former ambassador and 14 percent would do it for the Florida governor. The survey was conducted from January 10 to January 12 and has a 2.5 percent points of margin error.

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