New Ad Shreds Biden On Border Failures

( – According to a Fox News report from April 3, President Joe Biden is facing fresh embarrassment – and criticism – in the form of a new ad campaign that compares his performance on border security and former President Donald Trump. The ad, which was released as part of a campaign about the nation’s border crisis, was seen throughout the American Midwest.

The organization responsible for the ad was Building America’s Future – a group that champions ideas it believes will “improve the lives of all Americans” and ensure long-term “prosperity, security, and strength.” The six-figure buy put eyes from across Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the ad, which blasted the incumbent president and proclaimed that “Donald Trump was right” about America’s immigration problems.

The video also included a clip of the former president, taken famously from a speech in which he said that Mexico was sending drugs into the United States, rather than “sending their best.”

Following the clip, the ad shared audio from news reports describing the drug smuggling endemic at the border, as well as another clip that described “rapists” illegally entering the United States. Then, the video shifts its focus to President Biden, sharing footage of him insisting that “illegal aliens” be referred to as “undocumented person,” and egregiously even claiming that they “built the country.”

The non-profit asks viewers at the end of the clip who they believe would do a better job of protecting their family. Trump, or Biden?

The ad campaign comes in the wake of a series of speeches by the former president in Michigan and Wisconsin, during which he criticized President Biden and described how every state in the country has become a “border state” as a result of the White House’s policies that give free plane tickets to newly-arrived illegals to virtually anywhere that they may have family. Trump’s appearance in Michigan also came in the wake of the murder of Ruby Garcia on March 22 – a 25-year-old woman who was killed by an illegal alien who was previously deported to Mexico in 2020.

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