Netanyahu Fires Back at Biden

( – Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has slated U.S. President Joe Biden for his criticism of the country’s strategy to destroy Hamas from inside Gaza. In the interview with MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart, Biden argued that Netanyahu needs to pay more attention to civilian casualties in Gaza caused by the actions of the Israeli regime.

Biden called Israel’s strategy a “mistake” and called for a cease-fire and long-term exchange of prisoners. Netanyahu replied that he was not sure exactly what the president meant but that he was wrong on both counts of suggesting that he was hurting Israel’s interests and pursuing private interests against those of the majority.

The 81-year-old president has become increasingly critical of Israel despite repeatedly stating that he is a Zionist and has also claimed that Israel is harming its global reputation by not doing more to prevent civilian deaths in the region. Biden said that the death toll in Gaza contradicted what Israel stood for and raised particular concern over the potential invasion of the city of Rafah in Gaza, which houses more than 1.3 million Palestinians. The president described this as a “red line” but stressed that Israel’s defense was still critical and that he would not get in the way of the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Netanyahu responded to Biden’s criticisms by saying that the vast majority of Israelis support the government’s policies and the actions taken to destroy Hamas in the region. He said the last thing Israel should do is put Hamas in control of Gaza and dismissed attempts to push for a Palestinian state. Netanyahu argued that the country would see a repetition of the October 7 massacre unless the country’s policies are followed until Hamas is destroyed.

Despite Netanyahu’s claims about an overwhelming majority of support for government policy, he has faced mounting protests calling for his resignation. Protests also occurred in 2023, calling for an election and the prime minister’s resignation. Protesters opposed Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reforms and called on the government to negotiate the release of hostages held in Gaza.

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