Multiple Dead and Injured After Holiday Party Attacked

At Least a Dozen Dead After Holiday Party Attacked

( – On December 17, authorities revealed that a dozen people were brutally killed during a holiday party in the Central Mexican state of Guanajuato when a group of armed men attacked them by opening fire. Local police said that the attack took place in the town of Salvatierra at dawn.

In a statement, local officials noted that the armed group shot at party guests who were attending a posada, which is known as one of the leading traditional parties in the Latin American nation. The celebration is usually held in the days leading up to December 24.

The office of Guanajuato’s attorney general announced the brutal attack on its Twitter account. It said that authorities will not only “mourn” for those who died but will also investigate the matter to “make the criminals pay.” The office added that communities in the state can’t keep living under the constant state of fear over the different criminal groups that operate in numerous areas. While the office also noted that 12 people were killed, some others were severely injured and were translated to a hospital, it didn’t provide any detail of the victims’ identities nor the criminal group that perpetrated the attack.

A later release revised the number of casualties down to 11, and revealed 14 other individuals had suffered injuries. Authorities also discovered that the perpetrators behind the violent attack had been turned away from the festivities earlier and returned to exact revenge.

Over the last few years, the Central Mexican state has become one of the main headquarters of different aeronautics and automotive factories in the country. However, many criminal groups and corrupt politicians have been targeting Guanajuato because of the large amount of money it manages, which has turned it into one of the most violent states in the Latin American nation.

Local reports pointed out that some of the most powerful drug cartels have been increasing their presence in Guanajuato and have already corrupted some judges, police officers, and even local politicians. One of the main problems of the current situation in Guanajuato is that some of the cartels declared war on each other, which has increased violence so much that many believe that the state could enter into an unprecedented level of chaos.

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