MTG Makes Stunning Claim: Is There Any Truth to It?

( – Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed that the Ukrainian government views her as an “enemy of the state.” The outspoken lawmaker has continually opposed providing military and foreign aid to Kyiv to support its war effort and has even referred to her own party as “useless” for supporting Ukraine’s regime.

No stranger to controversy, Greene recently lashed out against claims by the Democrats that Republicans “worship” former President Donald Trump following the guilty verdict in his criminal trial. In the rant, she accused Democrats of hypocritically referring to Trump as a “convicted felon.” She criticized them in return for idolizing George Floyd, who died in police custody having already served jail time for drug- and burglary-related offenses.

On June 4, 46 House Republicans voted to support an amendment that Greene introduced. The amendment would cut the funding of a Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriation by more than $433 million. Greene defended the decision to defund NATO by arguing that the US is paying “more than its fair share.” The proposal failed in the vote.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on June 10, Greene blasted what she called “Zelenskyy’s thug regime,” reiterating her view that the US should not give Ukraine a “single penny.” She claimed that a so-called enemies list strengthened her opposition to funding the Eastern European state.

In her post, Greene called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy the “real enemy of democracy” and claimed that he is against religious freedoms, free speech, and the freedom of the press. Zelensky has been criticized in the past for his dismantling of press freedoms, which have worsened since the invasion of Ukraine.

Greene shared an image of her name on a list on her X account. A Ukrainian official denied that the list exists when asked by reporters. Independent Ukrainian data journalists, however, compiled a new list online on a website named TEXTY. The website claims to have a “Ukrainian view of the world,” and though the post is not called a “kill list,” as Greene claimed, it does name “Trumpists” and “Communists” as US forces seeking to impede aid to Ukraine.

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