Mother Accused of Murdering Her Children Arrested Overseas

Mother Accused of Murdering Her Children Arrested Overseas

( – The Colorado Springs Police Department announced that a mother suspected of injuring one of her young children and killing two of them was arrested in the United Kingdom on December 30.

Authorities found Kimberlee Singler’s 7-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter on December 19 after police officers responded to a burglary report at her home. The department eventually said that the report was deliberately made to divert attention.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department, Ira Cronin, said during a press conference that while the 35-year-old mother initially cooperated with authorities, she eventually disappeared during the probe. Cronin also told reporters that police officers weren’t able to apprehend Singler after obtaining the arrest warrant on charges of attempted murder, murder, and many other allegations. When asked when was the last time the suspect was seen, Cronin explained it happened on December 23 in Colorado Springs, and pointed out that the 35-year-old mother wasn’t under surveillance.

While authorities didn’t provide any detail about Singler’s overseas arrest, the department said they managed to bring her to justice after working and “cooperating” with multiple law enforcement agencies in the US and the UK. Different reports noted that it was impossible to reach Singler for comments, as she didn’t answer any emails or phone calls.

When police officers arrived at Singler’s house, they found the 35-year-old mother with some minor injuries. They also found the 11-year-old severely hurt and the corpses of the other two children. Singler was initially treated as a burglary victim, and her injured daughter was immediately rushed to a hospital nearby. She was hospitalized for a couple of days and was eventually released. The child is currently recovering in Colorado Springs.

According to court filings, the deaths of Singler’s children came amid an ongoing legal feud between the 35-year-old mother and her husband over different issues, including parenting time.

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