Mitt Romney Offers VP Endorsement

( – Retiring Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney officially endorsed Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt for vice president on March 10. On his Twitter account, the failed 2012 GOP presidential nominee contended the “media overreaction” over her State of the Union rebuttal and even said she was one of the conservative politicians that liberals feared the most “as VP nominee.”

He also defended her from the media criticism, saying that most of it was “cringe.” He explained that her “over-the-top” delivery was good, unlike President Joe Biden’s “out-of-character” speech. Romney added that the mainstream’s criticism and attack of her is the greatest example of how Britt sparked fear among liberals and leftists in the Democratic Party.

Despite the Utah Senator’s defense, many liberals and conservatives criticized Britt’s rebuttal because of the way she did it. Some reports said that while most agreed with the topics she spoke about, many thought her overall delivery and speaking style failed to resonate. The Alabama Republican senator’s rebuttal was so scrutinized that it immediately became viral. NBC’s Saturday Night Live went so far as to have Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson mockingly imitating her in the show’s cold opening.

Following her rebuttal, Trump ally and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk criticized Britt, saying that her speech wasn’t “what we need.” On his Twitter account, he explained that while he truly believes that the Republican leader is a good person and a “sweet mom,” the style she delivered in her rebuttal was wrong. Kirk claimed that it was a mistake from Britt to talk like she was hosting “a cooking show” and whispering that Democrats “don’t get it” after President Biden “declared war” on the right.

So far, it remains unclear who former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump will select as his vice president. During an interview with NBC News, his campaign senior adviser Jason Miller said that the list of vice-presidential candidates was “growing and getting longer.”

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