Mayoral Candidate Gunned Down in Brazen Assassination

( – Mexico’s mayoral candidate for an opposition coalition, Alfredo Cabrera, was killed on May 29 in Guerrero State after a criminal gunned him down during a rally. The moment was caught on camera, which showed Cabrera interacting with his supporters when the criminal shooter suddenly showed up and shot him several times.

In a statement, Guerrero state’s Attorney General’s office said that the shooter was killed by local authorities at the scene, adding that three people were injured during the shooting. The office also said that two men were detained by police as they were allegedly involved in Cabrera’s assassination.

The mayoral candidate was part of the main opposition coalition in Mexico, which had been blaming socialist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the numerous crises that the country has been experiencing. Despite their efforts to increase their popularity and become an electoral alternative to the left-wing leader, Claudia Sheinbaum, who is part of Lopez Obrador’s party Morena, won the recent presidential election.

In a statement posted on her Twitter account, opposition leader Xochitl Galvez said that the killing of Cabrera is another case of how some of the most promising political leaders in Mexico end up being victims of extreme violence. She added that Cabrera was a generous man and that his death shouldn’t be in vain.

The Partido Revolucionario Institucional, also known as PRI, expressed its condolences for Cabrera’s family and blasted the government of Lopez Obrador for his death. In a statement, the opposition party said that the government has been failing to guarantee the protection of every single candidate, explaining that the killing of Cabrera is evidence of the government’s “disaster” on the matter.

Cabrera was the 23rd political candidate to be killed in Mexico during the latest electoral process. Political analysts have said that violence in the country has dramatically increased during Lopez Obrador’s presidency, which will leave a complicated issue to solve for the newly elected president.

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