Mayor Confronted Mid-Flight By Irate Passenger

( – An upset pro-Palestine passenger confronted New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams during an April 22 flight from Miami to the so-called Big Apple, as she accused him of supporting genocide in Gaza and not caring about his city. In her rant, which was caught on video and became viral on social media, the woman yelled all types of obscenities against the liberal leader. She criticized many of the policies he has executed as a mayor.

The video started with the woman asking Adams if he was New York City’s mayor while he was sitting next to an aide. Once he said he was, the woman immediately said he was supporting the military operation carried out by the Israeli Armed Forces against Palestinians, blaming him for the homeless crisis that the Big Apple is currently experiencing. She also accused him of “partying” as much as he could, which shows he doesn’t care about New Yorkers and the struggle they are facing every day.

At one moment, a man who was sitting left of the mayor stood up in front of the woman to prevent a physical confrontation. Despite the act, the woman kept yelling at the liberal leader and asked him what he was doing in Miami. She also accused him of cutting “the education budget” in New York City so he could use the money to “fund the police.”

The video ended when other passengers started to yell at the woman, as they claimed her rant against Adams wasn’t letting them get to their seats. A couple of seconds later, the woman started to walk back while continuing her tirade and eventually sat on her seat.

In a statement published on social media, the woman identified herself as a pro-Palestine activist who felt outraged over the current situation in Gaza. She also claimed that Adams was supporting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and blamed him for the widespread crisis in the Big Apple.

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