Mass Shooting Leaves Multiple Dead

( – Mexican authorities announced on May 11 that eight people were killed in a shooting that took place in Mexico’s state of Morelos, which is right next to the capital, Mexico City. In a statement, Morelos prosecutors said that the attack happened near a resort area in Huitzilac, which is a municipality located near a highway that connects Mexico City with Cuernavaca, one of the most famous Mexican tourist towns.

Reports suggest that the attack might have been carried out by a local drug gang, adding that it remains unclear as authorities haven’t been able to identify the shooters and haven’t said anything about it. On social media, many users said that the tragedy might force the Mexican government to take a major step as it happened right next to the capital, which many have referred to as a ”bubble” inside one of the most violent nations in the region.

State prosecutors said that four of the victims died immediately at the scene, but the rest died from their bullet wounds in hospital. Officials stated that the corpses were moved to forensic facilities. They announced that they would formally open an investigation into the matter so those “responsible could face justice and pay for their crimes.”

Over the last few years, Huitzilac has been plagued by numerous drug gangs, as well as kidnappers and illegal loggers. One likely explanation for the rise in crime behind the situation is that Huitzilac is located in a forested mountain, offering the nearest rural sanctuary close to Mexico City and allowing many criminals to operate in the capital.

In a press conference, Huitzilac’s mayor, Rafael Vargas, said that the attack was a “violent act” committed by a “bunch of criminals” who will pay for what they did. He also told reporters that the town and the country have been experiencing a “violence crisis” that should stop as soon as possible to prevent more innocent people from dying.

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