Mass Casualty Event Reported By Authorities

Mass Casualty Event Reported By Authorities

( – According to a Fox News January 1 report, nearly nine people were severely hurt in New York City after a vehicle crashed into a group that was celebrating New Year’s Eve near Madison Square Garden. The conservative network noted that the New York Police Department already has a suspect in custody.

In a statement, New York City Fire Department officials said that the incident took place on 9th Avenue and West 34th Street and pointed out that authorities deemed the incident to be a “mass casualty” event because of the number of victims. Different reports pointed out that many individuals, including some police officers, were hit by the car when its driver drove onto a sidewalk and came to a halt.

As reported by Fox News, NYPD officers responded to West 33rd Street and 7th Avenue and noticed a physical dispute between the suspect and another person. A police spokesman told the conservative network that the suspect was a 44-year-old male.

When police officers tried to intervene, the suspect immediately got into his car, plowed into police vehicles, and smashed them into a food truck nearby that pinned a girl underneath it. Authorities reported that the female victim was immediately transported to Bellevue Hospital. As of the time of this writing, she’s in stable condition.

Videos of the incident show a tangle of cars on the street, with officers assessing the scene and catching the suspect. Some media outlets said that, once they took him, he was also transported to Bellevue Hospital as he was seriously injured. He’s also in stable condition.

In a video published by ABC News, the scene can be seen with debris scattered over sidewalks and pavement. The media outlet noted that three NYPD officers were seriously injured during the incident, but are currently in stable condition. The incident took place after the NYPD published a statement saying it was working to keep crowds safe in Times Square during celebrations.

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