Mass Casualty Event Leaves Multiple Dead or Wounded

Mass Casualty Event Leaves Multiple Dead or Wounded

( – At least four people were killed, and two cops got hurt in a mass stabbing at a house in New York City. A minor made a call to 911 around 5:00 a.m., reporting that her cousin, 38-year-old Courtney Gordon, was wielding a knife and attacking family members. The family has since disclosed that Gordon was facing mental health issues.

Gordon set fire to furniture inside the house before coming out, which delayed the cops from getting in. He stepped out with bags and faced officers in the driveway. The report says he slashed one officer in the head and another in the neck before being shot dead by a third officer.

Sadly, those who died included an 11-year-old girl, a 12-year-old boy, a 44-year-old woman, and a 30-year-old man. The 11-year-old girl couldn’t be saved and was pronounced dead at Long Island Medical Center-Cohen.

There was also a 61-year-old woman who sustained several stab wounds and was transported to New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital in critical condition.

The two cops who got slashed were taken to Jamaica Hospital with injuries that weren’t life-threatening. They were discharged Sunday night.

Chief Maddrey stated that when he first walked out of the hospital and saw the officers, he could see that they were shaking and confused. He said, “They’ve probably gone through many nights like this — they walked into sheer terror, this man tried to kill them and who just killed an innocent family.”

The officers were stabbed with a regular kitchen steak knife, as per police reports. They’re trying to confirm if that was the weapon used.

Chief Maddrey praised the responding officers, stating that this person could have easily walked past them with his luggage. Instead, the officers stopped the man, asked a couple of questions, and tried to gain some intel before they approached. Unfortunately, the perpetrator attacked the officers, lunging right at them.

Police are still trying to determine Gordon’s motive for the attack and are conducting a thorough investigation.

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