Manhunt Ends With Gruesome Discovery

Manhunt Ends With Gruesome Discovery

( – The hunt for an escaped Philadelphia inmate concluded with a somber revelation after officials discovered the dead body of Gino Hagenkotter in a city warehouse.

Hagenkotter, aged 34, was previously an inmate at the Riverside Correctional Facility before his escape on November 30. He had been serving time for retail theft-related offenses.

Reports revealed that Hagenkotter absconded while performing a work detail in the orchard situated behind the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Facility. He asked to use the bathroom and immediately started climbing the fence once out of sight.

At approximately 2:30 p.m. on December 11, first responders were summoned to a warehouse located on the 1100 block of East Venango Street following reports of an unresponsive male. Tragically, upon their arrival, Hagenkotter was pronounced dead at the scene.

Details from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health surfaced, indicating that Hagenkotter’s death resulted from a drug overdose, deemed an accidental death by authorities.

During their investigation, law enforcement officials noted certain anomalies within the warehouse. Specifically, they identified a broken air vent and a dislocated fan, hinting at a possible forced entry. Additionally, a nearby ladder was discovered, contributing to suspicions regarding the circumstances surrounding Hagenkotter’s entry into the warehouse.

Initially lacking any form of identification, Hagenkotter’s identity was established through the meticulous analysis of fingerprints by law enforcement.

The escape of Inmate Gino Hagenkotter from the Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia on November 30 had triggered a widespread manhunt across the region. However, this exhaustive search concluded tragically with the discovery of his lifeless body in the city’s warehouse. His body could not be identified at first and had to go through fingerprint analysis.

Hagenkotter was being sent to a transitional program and was set to be released in April. Officials suspect the transition triggered the escape plan.

Hagenkotter’s getaway is the fourth escape this year from the Riverside Correctional Facility.

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