Liberal Comedienne Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

( – Dozens of supporters of former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump sabotaged left-wing comedienne Kathy Griffin’s comedy show on March 24 in Long Island, New York. The Trump supporters staged a protest outside The Paramount venue, where they called Griffin a traitor and a “shame” for the country.

Griffin is currently on the North American tour of her My Life on the PTSD List comedy show. On her Twitter account, she criticized the Trump supporters for their protest, which was led by a Trump-supporting group named the American First Motor Club.

Numerous videos of the protest were shown on social media, where a caravan of vehicles and dozens of protesters can be seen yelling chants against Griffin and her presence at the venue. Many of them claimed that the comedienne was an “anti-Trump hater.”

Griffin, who is one of the most famous anti-Trump comedians in the industry, faced massive backlash back in 2017 after posing with a fake decapitated head of the then-Republican president. The photo was described by many as one of the most controversial in the United States’ modern history, and even Griffin herself recognized that her decision to pose for that photo damaged her career.

The bloody photo shoot was made by photographer and artist Tyler Shields. In the famous image, the 56-year-old comedienne can be seen looking directly into the camera while grabbing with her right hand the Republican leader’s severed head, which is fully covered in dark blood.

As reported by media outlet TMZ, some sources said that Griffin joked during the controversial photo shoot that the picture was going to be so scandalous that she and photographer Tyler Shields would have to escape from the country once these were released. The sources also told TMZ that Shields asked her while laughing why she said that, and the comedienne responded that they would probably end up in prison.

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