Legend of the Ring Announces Retirement

(WatchDogReport.org) – WWE legendary fighter John Cena announced during the pay-per-view event Money in the Bank on July 6 that he was going to retire from wrestling. While he explained he wasn’t going to do it right away, the wrestler said he would make it official once he finished the 40 fighting events he has for the rest of the year and in 2025. He explained that the next WrestleMania will be his last.

The moment started when he entered the ring in Toronto, Canada, in his trademark fashion, with fans applauding and cheering him. However, as soon as his entrance song ended, Cena could be seen with a serious look on his face and grabbed the microphone to say he wanted to “officially announce” his retirement.

On the live TV feed, fans could be seen sad and surprised as no media outlet or reporter revealed what the 47-year-old wrestler was planning to do at the event. Sporting journalists said on social media that the moment was shocking as Cena has been one of the most legendary WWE superstars in the last decade and one of the wrestlers that guarantees better ratings for the company.

Cena would be quitting the brand after 24 successful years, starting in 2001 as a promising star that almost no one thought would reach legendary status in the industry. In his announcement, he said he had mixed feelings not only because he had “been doing this for a while” but also because he had been on the WWE for more than two decades, fighting against the greatest wrestlers. Cena also told the crowd he will never forget the historic moments he experienced in the ring, with some defeats and victories that will remain in the hearts and minds of every WWE fan.

The legendary wrestler added that he feels thankful and proud of the WWE because it has prospered over the last few years and become the “hottest ticket in tow.” Cena also said that he will always remember the fans, whom he described as the most important aspect of the industry.

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