KJP Storms Out Over Simple Question

KJP Storms Out Over Simple Question

(WatchDogReport.org) White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stormed out of a recent press conference after an African journalist pressed her on why he wasn’t given the chance to ask questions. The incident represents the latest clash between Jean-Pierre and Today News Africa’s reporter Simon Ateba, who accused the Biden administration in June of discrimination for not allowing him to ask anything during the briefings.

The latest case started after Ateba asked National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby if he could ask something about the current situation in Angola. He made the question right after Kirby made some comments about different topics. The spokesperson had previously delivered some remarks about the visit of Angolan President Joao Goncalves to the White House.

Jean-Pierre, who was calling on the journalists to ask questions, ignored Ateba and called on another journalist. After being ignored, Ateba told the press secretary that he felt surprised that the White House was refusing to take a question from a reporter from Africa. After hearing his words, Jean-Pierre said that she would end the press conference if journalists refused to be respectful. She made those comments while she was stepping to the podium.

Jean-Pierre even cut Ateba off while he was replying that it didn’t make sense that the United States received an African leader and the press secretary refused to take questions from an African journalist. She then picked up her notes and left the podium while thanking the rest of the reporters.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration threatened the Today News Africa’s reporter with suspending his press privilege following a June 26 press conference where he and Jean-Pierre had a heated discussion. In that briefing, which became viral on social media, the White House press secretary repeatedly told Ateba he was being rude and even threatened to end the press conference if he kept interrupting her.

Following that briefing, Ateba published on his Twitter account a letter that her office sent to him, chiding the reporter for interrupting Jean-Pierre.

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