Kennedy Super PAC Rakes in Cash Following Running Mate Announcement

( – The American Values 2024 super PAC that is backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign has announced it raised over $2.1 million. The news follows Kennedy’s official announcement that Nicole Shanahan will be his running mate in the November election.

The super PAC is the primary outside group funding Kennedy’s presidential bid and collected the sum at a fundraiser just after the tech attorney and entrepreneur joined Kennedy’s 2024 campaign. According to PAC head Tony Lyons, 60 donors attended the group’s cocktail party, and the amount collected demonstrated how many attendees saw Kennedy on a clear path to the White House in November.

In September 2023, Eric Clapton performed at a fundraiser at a private estate in Los Angeles. The event raised $2.2 million, which was divided between Kennedy’s campaign and the super PAC.

The Libertarian National Committee’s chair said that Libertarians are “confused” about Kennedy’s decision to have Shanahan as his vice president, claiming that she does not align with Libertarian values. This comes despite Kennedy being a Democratic candidate until he announced his independent bid in September 2023.

The Silicon Valley lawyer was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and there has been speculation that the wealthy 38-year-old could use some of her own finances to fund the campaign. Kennedy stated that he chose Shanahan because he wanted someone who shared the same values in healthcare, agriculture, and Big Tech while also matching his views on how leaders should carry themselves. He added that he wanted someone who possessed the “gift of curiosity” and the confidence to adjust views in response to contrary evidence. Kennedy stressed the importance of having a running mate with compassion, a “spiritual dimension,” and a profound love for their country.

Enough signatures have been gathered to get the independent candidate on the ballot in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and South Carolina. American Values 2024 is considering investing up to $20 million in advertising, depending on how much the group raises approaching the election.

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