Kennedy Secures Ballot Presence in Another State

( – The presidential campaign of Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr announced on April 18 that he made the ballot in the state of Michigan, moving him closer to the goal of getting on the ballot in every single state. Kennedy is not only the scion of one the most important political dynasties in United States history, but also a liberal who has been a prominent environmental activist over the last few years.

While many political analysts said that he wouldn’t have any chance of winning the presidential election, some polls suggest he might. Right now, most experts and media outlets agree that Kennedy will play a crucial role in the electoral event’s outcome, as he could end up taking a lot of votes from US President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Some liberal leaders have called for him to take a step aside to make President Biden’s victory easier. Some others have even claimed that Kennedy’s ego will end up turning him into a puppet for former president and Republican nominee Donald Trump, as his presence on the ballot could eventually make Trump commander-in-chief again.

In a statement, Kennedy’s campaign said that he and his running mate, Nicola Shanahan, were nominated by the US Natural Law Party, which has access to the so-called Great Lake State. In another announcement from Kennedy’s campaign, released on its official website and social media platforms, the party’s Chairman, Doug Dern, explained that his party had decided to take the step as they considered Kennedy a great politician. He also said that Kennedy was the “most qualified” presidential candidate that the United States has right now.

With the announcement, Michigan is now the second state in the country where the independent candidate has qualified for the ballot after he did it in Utah back in January. His campaign revealed that he has already collected the proper number of signatures to get ballot access in Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

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