Kamala Harris Drops F-Bomb During Summit

(WatchDogReport.org) – US Vice President Kamala Harris dropped the F-word during an event when she was giving advice to young Pacific Islanders, as well as Native Hawaiians and Asian Americans. The audience reacted positively and applauded the Democratic leader despite the profanity.

During a speech at the annual summit of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative, Harris said that everyone needs to appreciate when someone offers an opportunity. She also explained that every time such a situation takes place, people should leave that “door” open so other individuals can also have the same opportunity. However, she added that sometimes people have to kick that “f-ing door down” if no one wants to open it. After delivering those words and hearing the applause from the audience, Harris asked to pardon her language.

Following her speech, the event’s moderator, Jimmy Yang, a comedian and Hollywood actor, cheered her words and said that every young man or woman in the United States needs the proper opportunities. He also said that the vice president’s remarks needed to be on a “T-shirt.”

Harris’ controversial speech came after the moderator asked her to reflect on how it feels to be the first South Asian American and African American to become the country’s vice president and how the experience has shaped her views. In her speech, the Democratic leader also explained that “breaking barriers” is always a difficult task as it implies making hard decisions and “breaking things.” However, she said that while many people could find it hard and exhausting, she claimed it is something worth doing as it’s the only way that some people can find justice and opportunities.

Over the last few months, many journalists and political analysts have said that Harris has become a problem for US President Joe Biden because of her lack of charisma and poor popularity numbers. Some have even suggested that the commander-in-chief should pick another running mate so he could have a higher chance of winning the 2024 presidential election.

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