Jon Bon Jovi Unsure of Ability to Continue Touring

( – According to a recent report, rock legend Jon Bon Jovi is unsure about continuing touring because of a recent vocal cord surgery he underwent. The singer is about to release his new album, Forever, by the end of the year. He explained that while his main goal was to make a tour so fans could watch him sing his new songs, this may not happen.

During an interview with Mix 104 Boston, Bon Jovi said his biggest desire was to “do a tour” in 2025. However, he said he has to think about it because he underwent a “major surgery,” and he’s still recovering from it. The singer added that he’s currently doing fine, as he’s “on the road to recovery” and has been able to take his time and even do a song per day when he made the album.

Bon Jovi also told Mix 104 that his biggest “desire” and “need” is to be fully capable of doing nearly three hours per night, four nights per week, for several months without interruption. However, he suggested that while he’s currently “working towards that goal,” it could be challenging to achieve.

In the docuseries Thank You, Good Night, the legendary rock star opened up about his surgery, which took place back in 2022. He explained that it was a difficult moment for him as two of his vocal cords were “atrophying” and “thick” as a thumb. He also said he thought he wasn’t going to be able to sing again.

Bon Jovi explained in the docuseries that while healthy vocal cords are supposed to “look parallel,” the main problem with his chords was not only that they were thicker than normal but also that they weren’t of the same size. He said that led to having one of his vocal cords pushing another one aside, which made him unable to “sing well.”

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