Jewish Family Allegedly Attacked at Elementary School Graduation

( – A Jewish couple from New York City claims they were recently assaulted at an elementary school graduation by a family who were shouting pro-Palestine and anti-Israel chants. During an interview with the New York Post, Johan and Lana said they were watching their 10-year-old twins graduating on June 14 and taking pictures in front of the school banner when the assault occurred.

The couple told the outlet that the family of a boy who was wearing a pro-Palestine graduate cap violently pushed them aside. When asked what they did in response, the couple explained that they told the other family that they didn’t have to do that as there was plenty of space. To reply, an older man turned to them and started to scream, “Free Palestine.”

Lana explained that after hearing the scream, her husband told the person to calm down and that it wasn’t the place or time for yelling political chants. She told the Post that the man then started to curse both of them “in Arabic” and yell “Death to Israel” and “Free Palestine.”

Lana explained that the situation became “horrific” as her husband defended her and their children, but another man who wasn’t with the other family suddenly punched him in the face. She said she intervened, but the family attacked her while her twins were screaming in fear.

Lana explained that her 16-year-old son tried to push them aside, but he was also brutally punched in the head. She added that a woman suddenly came up from behind, knocked her down on the ground, and started to chokehold her while screaming, “I will kill you.”

When asked why she believed the other family was so aggressive and yelled those chants at them, Lana said she believed the reason was their religion. She added that other Jewish families have experienced similar situations in other schools over the last few months.

The brawl ended as officers from the New York Police Department intervened. They arrested Ez Bazar, who was eventually charged with third-degree assault.

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