Illegal Migrant Admits to Horrifying Plot

( – According to a Fox News March 17 report, an illegal immigrant who was caught in Texas near the southern border on March 9 confessed he was a member of the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah and tried to make a bomb to commit an attack in the US.

Sources from the Department of Homeland Security told the conservative network that the migrant is a 22-year-old Lebanese man named Basel Ebbadi. These same sources also revealed what he confessed, but told Fox News that volunteering terrorist connections would be “highly unusual.”

The report explained that authorities are currently conducting an in-depth investigation into the matter to determine if Ebbadi not only had terrorist ties with Hezbollah but also if he was planning an attack on American soil. The Lebanese illegal alien has allegedly told investigators that his training with the terrorist group lasted for months and was focused on “jihad” and killing those who weren’t Muslim.

Hezbollah is currently one of the most sophisticated terrorist organizations in the Middle East, as it has managed to expand its influence not only through terrorist operations but also by winning electoral events in countries like Lebanon. The group has been backed by the Iranian regime since its foundation, with geopolitical experts claiming that Hezbollah is Tehran’s military arm in the region.

The 22-year-old Lebanese man told investigators that while he wanted to leave the terrorist group because he never wanted “to kill people,” he explained that “you can never get out” once you are part of it. Some reports said that authorities placed Ebbadi into isolation and referred him to the US Tactical Terrorism Response Team after he made some “terroristic threats to personnel.”

According to a New York Post report, while documents revealed that Ebbadi was officially marked for deportation from the United States, it remains unclear what nation he would be deported to. The newspaper added that border agents encountered 172 individuals that the US had on a terror watchlist in 2023.

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