Iconic Comedy Duo Suffers Heartbreaking Loss

Iconic Comedy Duo Suffers Heartbreaking Loss

(WatchDogReport.org) – American comedian Tom Smothers died at the age of 86 at his house in Santa Rosa, California, on December 26, following a lengthy cancer battle. He was one of the most iconic comedians in history, as he was part of the legendary The Smothers Brothers.

The National Comedy Center published a statement on behalf of his family, where it confirmed his death and said he was the “loving older brother” that every person would want “in their life.” In the statement, his brother and duo’s other half Dick Smothers said he will forever be grateful for having spent not only his career but also an important part of his life with him. He added that the relationship he had with his brother was like a marriage, as he noted that the longer they were together, the more they respected and loved each other.

The Smothers Brothers became one of the most famous and entertaining moments in American TV back in 1967 when they were the main attraction of the CBS show Comedy Hour. The show featured the brothers joking about some of the most sensitive topics in the United States back then, including the Vietnam War. Different reports noted that one of the most remarkable aspects of the duo’s success was the fact that their show aired at the same hour as Bonanza, which has been considered one of the most popular TV shows of all time.

The show was eventually canceled in 1970, following months of back and forth between network censors and the brothers. Following the official cancellation, the two of them sued the TV network for $31 million and were eventually awarded $776,000. Their battles with CBS became so controversial that the whole feud was eventually chronicled in a 2002 documentary.

In 2008, Tom Smothers won an honorary Emmy award, and he thanked the writers of the show for being some of the main reasons behind its success. He also dedicated the award to those who are not afraid of speaking “to power.”

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