Hunter Biden’s Testimony Contradicts Sworn Witnesses, Email Evidence

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, told investigators that he didn’t involve his father in his allegedly corrupt business dealings during his opening statement to Congress’ Oversight Committee on February 28. However, some media outlets explained that his assertion contradicted publicly available evidence, witness testimony that the committee secured, and even some of his statements in the past.

In his opening statement, which was initially obtained by Punchbowl News, the president’s son said that he didn’t involve President Biden in his deals, neither as a lawyer nor as a board member or artist. He explained that was a “fact” that should “end” the premise of the inquiry against him.

Some documented occasions where he involved his father in his business dealings with some foreign partners included a meeting at the Café Milano in Washington, DC, as well as a trip to China’s Beijing aboard Air Force Two. Other instances included a meeting at the Naval Observatory, as well as a CEFC China Energy meeting in Washington, a Burisma board meeting in Dubai, and even a visit from some Mexican partners to the White House.

In the deposition, Hunter Biden pushed back on each of these pieces of evidence, which were gathered by the impeachment inquiry from documentation and witness testimony. The president’s son suggested that many of these pieces of evidence, which were obtained from emails, were altered or manipulated. He even accused some of the witnesses of lying.

Following Hunter Biden’s testimony, Oversight Committee’s Chairman James Comer said that the inquiry would continue. He added that the “next step” would be to conduct a public hearing so Congress could properly address the president’s son’s “contradictory statements.”

During a press conference, Comer said he believes the deposition was great for the committee as it confirmed many bits of the evidence they have been conducting throughout the probe. He also told reporters that Hunter Biden’s statements needed a review and explained that a public hearing would clear up discrepancies between some of his remarks and statements made by some of his associates.

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