Hunter Biden Lands in More Potential Legal Trouble

( – Hunter Biden has ended up in more legal trouble as a former Chinese business client has demanded he return $1 million that was paid for unfulfilled legal services.

Patrick Ho, an executive of the Chinese firm CEFC, wrote a letter requesting that the son of President Joe Biden return the money because he did not fulfill his obligations. Ho claims that the only legal work Hunter provided was a call to another attorney, Edward Kim, and a late arrival at a meeting with Ho and Kim after Ho was arrested in 2017. Once described by Hunter as the “spy chief” of China, Ho was sentenced in 2019 to three years in jail over a scheme to bribe top Chad and Uganda officials in exchange for business advantages.

Another Biden business associate and former top CEFC official, Mervyn Yan, was subpoenaed in 2023 by Republican Kentucky Representative and House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer in the investigation into the Biden family. Yan has strong links to the Chinese Communist Party and was one of the few leading CEFC officials who had not been arrested.

The House Oversight Committee also revealed in 2023 that the Bidens pocketed $1 million from a “corrupt” Romanian oligarch when Joe Biden, as Vice President, was lecturing the country on the need to clean up corruption. Corner promised to fully investigate President Biden’s level of involvement in the income the family received from Romania and business ventures in multiple countries such as China, Russia, and Ukraine. He warned there would be more subpoenas for bank records and other documents and commented that no presidential family had received such sums from global “adversaries.” The committee focused on money transferred to the Bidens from China and Romania in particular. Joe Biden was instrumental in leading US policy in the two countries during his term as Vice President under Barack Obama.

In 2022, it was revealed that Hunter Biden took out a loan of over $1 million to pay off his tax liability. He has since pleaded not guilty to charges of tax fraud and tax evasion. The transcript for Hunter’s plea deal before Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika in July 2023 reveals him saying under oath that he received $1 million from Patrick Ho through his own law firm.

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