House Minority Leader Wants to Ignore Biden’s Memory Mishaps

( – House Minority Leader and New York Democratic Representative Hakeem Jeffries said on February 13 that the Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report about US President Joe Biden’s memory mishaps was “inappropriate.” During an interview with CNN’s The Lead, he claimed that the report wasn’t only “unconscionable” and “gratuitous” but also deeply “un-American” in many ways.

When asked by host Jake Tapper if he thought the report was somehow damaging for the commander-in-chief, the liberal congressman said it wasn’t, as President Biden “did nothing wrong.” He also stated that every person in the United States only wanted to know the truth, claiming that the report “totally exonerated” Biden — despite the fact the report outlined how he had broken the law. Hur noted that a jury would find it hard to convict an “elderly man with a poor memory,” which factored into the decision not to charge the president.

About Hur’s motives, Jeffries told Tapper that they weren’t “pure” and argued that every conclusion he made separate from the law and the facts “should be dismissed.”

The CNN host talked about the concerns expressed about President Biden’s age and mental faculties not only by the special counsel but also by many voters. He eventually asked the House Minority Leader what would be his response to those who believe the commander-in-chief is unfit to serve another term.

Jeffries blasted the report and said that no one should feel concerned as it exonerated the president. He added that the fact that Hur decided to “attack” the liberal leader shows that his motives were wrong and that most of what he documented shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Following the publication of the 388-page report, many Democrats rushed to defend their seemingly feeble leader and launched an all-out offensive against Hur. One of these was Democratic strategist Jon Reinish, who claimed that it was concerning how many media outlets covered the gaffes of President Biden and former President Donald Trump differently. According to Reinish, while the Republican leader “rambles incoherently” on more occasions, it’s the commander-in-chief who gets all the attention.

While the Left scrambles to protect Biden and sweep his mounting issues under the table, many on the right are seizing on the moment. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey of Virginia went so far as to call upon Vice President Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office. Marrisey isn’t alone, either. Multiple lawmakers have mirrored the call, including Senator Josh Hawley and Rep. Guy Reschenthaler.

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