House Judiciary Committee Probing Fatal ATF Shootout

( – Congress Judiciary Committee Chairman and Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan recently demanded the ATF hand over every document and communication record related to the raid that led to the killing of Bryan Malinowski.

The 53-year-old victim was the Executive Director of the Clinton National Airport and was being investigated by US authorities for buying nearly 200 firearms between 2021 and 2024. Malinowski is alleged to have sold these weapons without a license.

According to Malinowski’s lawyer, Bud Cummins, on the day of the fatal incident, his client grabbed a pistol when he heard people were entering his home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Cummins said that Malinowski didn’t know that agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were raiding his house, which prompted him to shoot three times at their feet. He added that the agents responded by fatally shooting him, detailing that they were raiding the house to serve a search warrant.

In a letter sent to the agency’s Director Steven Dettelbach, Jordan demanded the agents’ communication records and documents, as a video from the house’s doorbell camera showed them disabling it so no one could watch their “conduct.” He also told Dettelbach that the American people needed to know what really happened during the raid, as he claimed that what Malinowski did as soon as the agents forced their way into his home was nothing more than defending his family.

Jordan claimed that everything that happened during the raid, including the way the agents ended up shooting Malinowski, raises questions about whether the agency followed protocol during their search warrant. He also said in the letter that the agency violated its policy as agents didn’t have body cameras during the raid.

At the end of his letter, Jordan told Dettelbach that his committee would conduct an in-depth investigation into the matter and stated that he had until May 6 to provide the records and documents he requested.

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