Horrifying Discovery Made Amongst Hamas Terrorists

Horrifying Discovery Made Amongst Hamas Terrorists

(WatchDogReport.org) – Hamas terrorists involved in the October 7th attack in southern Israel were found carrying disturbing instructions on deploying cyanide-based chemical bombs. The directives, stored on USB drives discovered on the bodies of the attackers, included detailed diagrams for creating a “cyanide dispersion device.” Israeli authorities, reviewing intelligence data, expressed deep concern over Hamas’s intention to employ chemical weapons against civilians.

An internal Israeli cable, intended for embassies, highlighted the seriousness of the situation. It underscored that Hamas had been instructed to carry out attacks in a manner akin to ISIS. This shocking revelation was further confirmed by Israeli President Isaac Herzog during a Sky News interview. He disclosed that these instructions originated from a 2003 Al Qaeda manual on chemical weapons.

“The fact that we’re examining instructions for creating non-professional chemical weapons using cyanide is deeply alarming,” remarked President Herzog. Israeli officials have repeatedly compared Hamas to ISIS since the attack on Israeli territory two weeks ago, where they committed atrocities reminiscent of the extremist group. These acts included the execution of children and families, young individuals shot in the back, and numerous other horrors.

Images captured by Israeli Defense Force soldiers revealed that Hamas militants even carried ISIS flags during their assaults on Israeli Kibbutz communities. The discovery of battle plans indicating an intent to “kill as many people as possible” and take hostages during raids on civilian settlements added to the gravity of the situation. Specific instructions in some of these documents targeted schools for mass child abductions and identified locations with large gatherings of people, such as supermarkets and dining halls.

Though it remains uncertain whether the attackers possessed the materials to create the chemical weapons they planned, the evidence highlights the critical need to address this concerning development. These findings put Hamas in the same league as notorious terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Israel has expressed the urgency of eliminating the threat posed by Hamas, as these discoveries bring the severity of the situation into stark focus.

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