Holy Site Attacked by Protesters

Holy Site Attacked by Protesters

(WatchDogReport.org) – A group of Palestinian rioters recently vandalized Joshua’s Altar in Israel’s West Bank, which is a holy site revered by millions of Christians and Jews. The altar, which is located at Mount Ebal, was severely damaged after the Palestinian protesters spray-painted Arabic inscriptions and Palestinian flags on the stones and burned tires on their remains.

Different reports noted that the site, which is under joint control with Palestinian authorities, has been one of the main targets of vandalism since the October 7 attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Israel. The site’s recent vandalization is part of a larger problem of attacks on Jewish archeological sites under Palestinian control.

During an interview with Fox News, Christian scholar and Israeli citizen Rev. Petra Heldt explained that Muslim settlers are actively targeting Christian and Jewish holy places. She explained that these include most of the tombs in the area, especially Shechem’s Tomb of Josef.

Heldt also told the conservative network that the Muslim settlers are showing a consistent pattern that only reveals their wish to “eliminate the existence” of Christian and Jewish history in Eretz, which she described as Jews’ historic land. The scholar also claimed that authorities need to have a more active role in the matter and secure the holy place from Palestinian vandalism.

Following the riots, Israeli activists from Struggle for Every Dunam’s Forum visited the site and called on the Israeli government to protect all sacred sites in the country. The organization claimed in a statement that the “grave incident” was the direct result of the lack of “Jewish presence” on the hill. It added that the only thing that could guarantee control over the site is a “fixed Jewish presence.” The organization pointed out that another alternative to prevent the destruction and further damage of the altar is the presence of a farm or town run by Jewish communities.

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