Hillary Clinton Goes On Unhinged Rant

(WatchDogReport.org) – Former US Secretary of State and ex-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton claimed on April 20 that Donald Trump wants to “imprison” and even “kill” those who oppose him.

During an appearance at the Defending Democracy podcast, the Democratic leader told host Marc Elias that the United States would be facing a dangerous time in its history if Americans elect Trump once again. She added that such a scenario should be prevented and even asked voters to ignore US President Joe Biden’s age.

When talking about the commander-in-chief, Clinton told Elias that she believes President Biden has many chances to win the presidential election. The former Secretary of State explained that President Biden was the best candidate for the Democratic Party as he’s not only a “compassionate” and “effective” leader but also a politician who wants to maintain American democracy.

When asked about Trump, Clinton said he’s the opposite of President Biden and described him as an authoritarian and egocentric leader who doesn’t care about the country. She even compared the former commander-in-chief with some dictators and tyrants, such as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Clinton also claimed that the reason why Trump is “gaga” over the Russian autocrat is because he wants to do the same things as him in the United States. When Elias inquired as to what those things were, Clinton said they included ruling the country like a dictator, driving journalists into exile, imprisoning those who opposed him, and even killing or disappearing them.

Clinton’s claim that Americans should ignore President Biden’s age contradicts previous comments she made during a February interview with MSNBC when she said that the fact that he was too old was a “topic of concern.” The former Secretary of State even told host Alex Wagner that his age was a “legitimate issue,” revealing that many people at the White House were aware of it.

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