Greta Thunberg Blasted over Pro-Palestine Support

Greta Thunberg Blasted over Pro-Palestine Support

( – Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg recently found herself at the center of a social media storm due to a post expressing support for the people in Gaza.

In the post, Thunberg shared a photo of herself and others holding signs supporting Palestine and Gaza. She captioned the image with a call for “solidarity with Palestine and Gaza” and an immediate ceasefire to the conflict. The post was shared on Instagram and the social media platform X (Twitter).

However, this expression of solidarity with Palestine did not sit well with everyone, leading to a backlash against Thunberg. Critics accused her of failing to show support or sympathy for Israel or acknowledge the attacks by the terrorist group Hamas, which resulted in the tragic loss of around 1,400 lives.

The controversy didn’t stop at her pro-Palestine stance but extended to a seemingly unrelated detail in the photo. An innocuous blue stuffed animal octopus sparked outrage among some users on social media. They claimed that the toy resembled a symbol with a history of antisemitism, often used to identify Jews as octopuses with tentacles gripping the world. This hateful symbol has appeared in anti-Jewish propaganda, notably during the Nazi regime, and continues to be employed by hate groups.

In response to the criticism, Thunberg decided to take action. She deleted the original post and uploaded a new version that no longer featured the octopus. In her updated post, she acknowledged the concerns about the toy’s potential association with antisemitism, explaining that the toy was a communication tool frequently used by autistic individuals to express their feelings.

One noteworthy response came from the official Twitter account for Israel, which fired heavy criticism at Thunberg. They pointed out that Hamas used unsustainable materials for their rockets, which caused the deaths of innocent Israelis. The message also stated that the massacre’s victims could have been people she knew.

Despite the criticism and social media storm, Thunberg chose not to engage with the controversy. Her support for Palestine and her call for an immediate ceasefire still resonate with her supporters and followers.

It’s important to note that Thunberg’s activism primarily centers on environmental issues, and her involvement in geopolitical conflicts has generated mixed reactions in the past. However, as a prominent figure with a massive global following, her words and actions continue to draw significant attention and debate across various platforms.

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