Governor Shuts Down Rumor Mill

( – On May 13, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis dismissed speculation that his wife Casey had any interest in becoming the state governor. During a press conference in Miami, the Republican leader and former presidential candidate said that many people have been thinking that his wife would run in 2026 after the end of his term because of the great job she has done as first lady. However, he told reporters that her genuine interest in taking such a step and getting into the political arena is “zero.”

When asked about his wife’s thoughts on running for governor, DeSantis told reporters while smiling that Casey wasn’t paying too much attention to the rumors about her political future. He even said that his wife believes that everything the mainstream media has been saying about her alleged interest in running for governor is just “nonsense.”

As DeSantis’ second term is reaching its end, many journalists and political analysts have been saying that Casey could be planning to run as she could have a significant chance of winning the election. Different polls have shown that most Floridians have a good opinion of DeSantis, prompting speculations that his wife could take advantage of the situation.

A Florida Atlantic University survey even revealed that in a hypothetical gubernatorial primary, Casey would be the main favorite to win. The academic institution said that if the election were held right now, she would win with 38 percent of support. In comparison, Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz would end in second place with only 16 percent of support.

DeSantis officially launched his presidential bid in 2023, hoping to take advantage of his political momentum and beat former President Donald Trump. However, he committed numerous mistakes in his campaign that affected his popularity and decided to suspend his campaign sooner than expected. He eventually declared that the best choice for the Republican Party was Trump instead of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

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