Governor Calls Out Blue City Hypocrisy

Governor Calls Out Blue City Hypocrisy

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently criticized Democratic leaders for their stance on accommodating migrants from the southern border, highlighting what he sees as hypocrisy within sanctuary cities and states.

Speaking on America’s Newsroom, Abbott expressed frustration with the Democratic approach towards illegal immigrants. The governor emphasized their inconsistency in welcoming migrants until they actually arrive and then refusing to accept them. He condemned the reluctance of Democratic leaders to address the challenges posed by illegal immigration, pointing fingers at Texas and border states for dealing with the issue.

According to Abbott, Democratic-controlled states and cities claim to be sanctuaries but only actually support illegal immigration when border crossers remain in border states.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, on the other hand, blamed Abbott for the influx of migrants in Democrat-led cities, labeling Abbott’s migrant busing policy as a failure and a refusal to cooperate with officials. Abbott’s office reported sending approximately 27,000 migrants to New York City, aiming to relieve the strain on border communities. Abbott criticized New York’s inability to handle the immigration influx, highlighting the stark contrast between the continuous stream of border crossings in Texas compared to New York’s weekly or monthly numbers.

Abbott squarely placed the blame for the border crisis on President Biden, citing the administration’s rollback of Trump-era immigration policies. He underscored the necessity for impactful immigration reform and expressed hope that Republican unity in Congress could drive significant legislative changes.

Republicans, including Senator John Cornyn and Representative Dan Bishop, supported Abbott, highlighting the immense burden on Texas due to the Biden Border Crisis. They criticized Mayorkas for undermining Abbott’s efforts in enforcing immigration laws, hinting at impeachment discussions against Mayorkas.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued executive orders to regulate migrant arrivals, emphasizing the need for organized assistance due to the substantial inflow. The surge in migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border, exacerbated by a backlog of asylum cases, illustrated the broken immigration system.

Ultimately, Abbott’s critique of the Democratic leadership’s handling of immigration echoes broader concerns about the current state of border security and immigration policy under the Biden administration.

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