GOP Party Chair Resigns Over Alleged Leak

GOP Party Chair Resigns Over Alleged Leak

( – Recently, shocking audio surfaced allegedly showing Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jeff DeWit attempting to persuade Kari Lake not to seek the GOP nomination for Senate this year. The recording showed DeWit offering Kari Lake money to abandon her pursuit of an Arizona senate seat. Lake called for DeWit’s resignation.

In March of last year, the senate hopeful hinted that influential folks “back east” had offered her a payment to withdraw from the Senate contest. Ten months later, the recording is now available to verify Lake’s bribery claims.

The audio recording from last March includes remarks made by both Ms. Lake and Mr. DeWit. According to the tape, the Arizona GOP chair approached Ms. Lake with an offer from influential individuals who wanted her to vacate the political scene for the next two years.

Ms. Lake strongly disagrees with the plan and pledges to fight corruption in the nation’s capital with President Trump. Lake is heard saying the offer is “crazy” and she is a “great candidate” loved by many voters. She says the people offering her the bribe are corrupt.

Mr. DeWit suggests throughout the debate that the capacity to raise money to win elections is the real motivation, rather than trying to control her or her agenda. But Ms. Lake is unwavering and vents her fury that anonymous people would want to buy her out instead of working with her.

When asked how much she would be willing to sell for, Ms. Lake says not even a billion dollars would be enough to buy her off. She vows to stand with Trump in his fight against corruption in Washington and seems irritated by the effort to influence her political choices.

On January 24, 51-year-old DeWit released a statement explaining his decision to resign rather than face legal action following a threat from Lake’s camp to publish a “more damaging recording.” DeWit claims the audio was selectively edited before being released, and raised concerns over her decision to secretly record private conversations.

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