GOP Congresswoman Introduces New Legislation to Fight Child Trafficking

( – Florida Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna introduced on June 23 a bill that aims to fight the hiring of illegal immigrants as well as child trafficking in the United States.

In a press release, Luna’s office said that the legislation, which is called the Family Reunification Act, will require people who claim to have a familial link with a child coming across the US border to have DNA testing. Authorities will mandate the child’s separation if the test doesn’t show a positive match.

Luna’s office added that the bill would triple the civil penalties for every employer in the country that hires illegal immigrants for exploitation, accusing the Biden administration of being “complicit” in child trafficking into the country. The office detailed that under the current administration’s watch, nearly 90,000 children have gone missing in the US and claimed that accountability is needed as soon as possible.

In the press release, Luna stated that over two million people have illegally crossed the border while claiming to seek family units under the Biden administration. The conservative leader said that most of the children of these units are nothing more than the victims of forced labor and child trafficking.

Luna also explained that many “greedy companies” in the country are part of the problem, as she accused them of looking for cheap labor by hiring illegal immigrants instead of US citizens. The Florida representative said that these employers are exploiting the illegal migrants they hire and are not being held accountable for it.

According to reports, 30 percent of illegal immigrants that authorities suspect to be acting as fake families don’t go through any DNA testing. Under Luna’s legislation, if a DNA test shows that the adult who claims to be a family member of a child is not related, the child will be separated for protection while federal investigators determine whether the child has been smuggled or not.

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